Remember when your older brother told
you that you were adopted?

He wasn't lying!
We're your real family now, and we have missed you...


We are the Children of the Multiprismed Light
and we are here for you.

We're so glad you found us.
We've been waiting a long time.
We can promise you a cleaner, clearer, and more blissful way of life.
Forget your troubles and unload your material trappings on our doorstep to
join a family of love and understanding.

As a group, we are working together to form a new, more enlightened, way of living as the
dawn of the 3rd millennium is upon us. Join us and eventually unfold the centuries old
unspoken truths of our ancestors and how we are descended from majesty.
Learn where we are going and how our new lives together will guide your ultimate destiny!!!



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